Carbonless chess scoresheets

Carbonless chess scoresheets
Carbonless chess scoresheets Carbonless chess scoresheets

(example of the scoresheets in pack with individual modification)

Chess scoresheets offer flyer in PDF formatCarbonless chess scoresheets offer flyer in PDF format
(PDF format, 391 kB)

We offer universal carbonless chess scoresheets for chess clubs, organizers of chess tournaments, chess shops and other interested persons. Scoresheets are in standard format A5 (210 x 148,5 mm), 100 pieces per pack, glued on the top short site, black colour. Scoresheets are bilingual (German-English) for using at international tournaments.

Price of scoresheets depends on purchased pack quantity:

Quantity Price Price/pack
1000 pcs 50 EUR 5 EUR
2000 pcs 90 EUR 4.5 EUR
3000 pcs 117 EUR 3.9 EUR
4000 pcs 140 EUR 3.5 EUR
5000 pcs 155 EUR 3.1 EUR
7000 pcs 210 EUR 3 EUR
10000 pcs 290 EUR 2.9 EUR

Price of chess scoresheets in other quantity or at regulary orders will be calculated individually.

Carbonless scoresheets can be ordered with one’s own design as well (e.g. with logos of sponsors, club name or tournament name).

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1000 pcs 125 EUR 5000 pcs 300 EUR
2000 pcs 175 EUR 7000 pcs 355 EUR
3000 pcs 225 EUR 10000 pcs 435 EUR
4000 pcs 255 EUR    


The price includes free modification of the header of scoresheets (more complicated modifications after agreement only).

Postal charge will be added to the price of scoresheets.

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